Sally Scott - Painter and Architectural Glass Engraver
Sally Scott - Painter and Architectural Glass Engraver
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Narthex panels Ripon Cathedral, 2012
Narthex panels Ripon Cathedral, 2012
The image above shows the glass entrance doors at the west end of Ripon Cathedral, installed in 2012. They depict 'St Wilfred and the Pilgrimage.' They were designed, acid etched, sandblasted and engraved by Sally Scott with Nero Designs of Brixton. For detail see below.
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'St Wilfred and the Pilgrimage'
'St Wilfred and the Pilgrimage'
The top centre panel is 5m x 2m and is divided into three sections showing St. Wilfrid as a Bishop flanked by two angels. The detail of this is shown below.
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St. Wilfred and the Angels, Ripon Cathedral
Detail of central panel with St. Wilfred and the angels. Enlarge image (288 KB)

St Wilfrid in a boat, Ripon Cathedral
This left panel shows St Wilfrid in a boat in a storm where he was shipwrecked off the Sussex coast. The Seven Sisters cliffs are in the background. Legend has it that he taught the local people of Sussex to fish in a time of famine. Enlarge image (252 KB)

St Wilfred on horseback, Ripon Cathedral
This right hand panel shows St.Wilfrid on horseback returning to Ripon from one of his three journeys to Rome. Rome is shown as a medieval city on the right, Ripon Cathedral is on the left with the Alps in between. The two side panels each measure 4m x 1.8m. Enlarge image (326 KB)

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